Top 10 Travel Board Games For Adults

10 Travel Board Games

In the run up to Christmas, why not join the #AntiScreenRevolution. The Anti Screen Revolution is encouraging families to re-connect through the power of play. In this post I share my Top 10 Travel Board Games. Whether you’re on the move this Christmas like we are, or you’re having a cosy staycation holiday, grab yourself one of these fabulous board games for some anti screen family fun.

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our tech. With so much entertainment available on our TVs, laptops, tablets and mobiles we’re forgetting to stay connected with each other. That’s why whenever we go on our motorhome road trips we always take a couple of Travel Board Games with us.

There are so many benefits from playing Travel Board Games such as:

  • Reducing stress
  • Bringing people together
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Great brain workout

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I’m a huge fan of Board Game Maker Jaques of London. In my previous post, Travel Board Games For Fun Trips Away, you can find out more about Jaques of London and read my review of two of their travel games.

I’m building quite a collection of the gorgeous Jaques of London Travel Board Games. These luxury, high quality wooden board games are perfect to take on holiday, on your next road trip or for weekend breaks away. Here’s my Top 10 favourite Travel Board Games

Top 10 Travel Board Games

All of these board games are beautifully HandMade and exquisitely gift wrapped, which I absolutely love. These luxury, quality wooden board games will last for years and provide hours of anti screen fun play time. But beware – you may become addicted, as I have, and want to collect them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

4 in a Row (Connect 4) – Jaques of London beautiful handmade wooden game of Connect 4. Never lose a piece as they store safely inside the wooden box.

Read my review of 4 in a Row Travel Board Game by Jaques of London.

Chinese Checkers / Go Game – Reversible Classic Board game includes both Chinese checkers Game and Go Game.

Read my review of Chinese Checkers Travel Board Game.

Cribbage – Jaques of London folding Travel Cribbage Board with deluxe playing Cards

Snakes and Ladders โ€“ We all loved snakes & ladders as kids right? Well with thisJaques of London stylish travel board game there’s no reason why big kids canโ€™t play them still. ๐Ÿ™‚

 Ludo – This board game was actually created by Jaques of London over 100 years ago. This is their gorgeous wooden travel friendly version.

Mind Genius (Master Mind) – I used to love this game growing up. A classic game of logic and code breaking. This version by Jaques of London will keep the old brain cells working.

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Shut the Box – Dice game presented by Jaques of London in a beautiful handmade wooden box. Good brain exercise for kids and adults.

Chess – Magnetic folding travel wooden board game. 3 in 1 backgammon, chess, and checkers set. We think this is a fab travel board set.

Draughts – Another gorgeous Jaques of London board game set. Perfect to travel with or as beautiful gift.

Backgammon – This is a recent addition to my board game collection. I absolutely love it.

Jaques of London have been Handmaking these Backgammon game sets for over 200 years, that’s insane! The coca leatherette case is so stylish and the quality of the board and pieces are amazing.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my list of Top 10 Travel Board Games and found them useful. Hopefully I’ve convinced you to join the #AntiScreenRevolution and include more board game fun with friends and family. Why night host a games night, invite friends over for a wine, cheese and games night. It’s the perfect antidote to the dark winter nights and much more fun than sitting in front of the tv all night.

So which Jaques of London board game will you choose?

There are so many to choose from. As a bonus suggestion… this summer we took the Quoits Set with us on our six weeks Motorhome Scotland Road trip. This Quoits game soon became my favourite as I was much better at it than Dave was ๐Ÿ™‚

Luxury Quoits Set – Great outdoor games fun, ideal to take on holiday. Perfect for Motorhome, camper van road trips as they fold up small for easy storage in the van.

Share your favourite board games in the comments below.

Miche xxx

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