Hi, I’m Michelle Lamude. Welcome to Touring Tales Books.

My book blog aims to encourage more people to make time to read. I believe books help us to:

Escape| Explore | Learn | Grow

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  • Escape – just like movies, books can help us relax and escape our busy lives for a while
  • Explore – books can take us on a journey to new places. We can travel around the world without leaving our sofa
  • Learn – read books that challenge our thinking. Inspire and motivate us to try new things, even develop new skills
  • Grow – by challenging our thinking, our understanding and our beliefs we can grow as individuals.
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Here’s a little bit about me:

First up, I’m a book worm and my happy place is snuggled up in a cosy reading corner with one of my two dogs Poppy or Coco (both Working Cocker Spaniels).

I run a couple of websites, these are:

  • TouringTALES.co.uk – This site, which is dedicated to all things BOOKS. There will be book reviews, book extracts, author interviews, giveaways and shopping/gift ideas for bookworms. Twitter | Instagram
  • Michellelamude.co.uk – This is my business profile to help secure part-time work to help pay the bills of two diva, spoilt spaniels 🙂 Twitter | Instagram


I work freelance, before COVID 2020 I was contract working in Finance Services providing Project Support, Governance and Admin support on large budget corporate programmes of change.

Post-COVID 2020 I have decided to continue to work remotely. By using my existing skills and developing new ones, I can offer online assistance to small business and individuals. I’d love to work with authors and individuals within the publishing industry.

I have lots of admin, project, digital & social media skills that would be very useful in the publishing world. Visit Michellelamude.co.uk for a full list of current skills and experiences.

Book Reviews & Blog Tours

Genres I particularly enjoy reading are:

  • Non Fiction
    • Biography
    • Memoir
    • Travel
    • Humour
    • Self help
  • Fiction
  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Historical Fiction

Where to find me online

As well as my websites listed above, you can also find me on the following social media channels:

Want to work with Touring Tales?

I would be happy to talk to any publishers, authors, brands, organisations, charities or small businesses who would like to collaborate with me. Whether that’s to:

  • Join a blog tour for book launches
  • Review books – audiobooks
  • Product review of products that would interest book worms like me
  • Guest post take-over for one day on Touring Tales
  • Author Assistant work – visit my business profile to see how I may be able to help you

So please do get in touch using the contact form here.

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