Book Extract Moments of Comfort

Book Extract: Moments of Comfort

I’m delighted to be able to share a book extract from Moments of Comfort: Embracing the Joy in Life’s Simple Pleasures the latest book by #GillHasson. Beautifully illustrated by #Eliza Todd and published by #Capstone at the end of October.

The lovely people at Capstone Publishing have very kindly sent me an advance copy of the book, which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this week. The illustrations are gorgeous and the authors writing is both comforting and encouraging. I’ll share my thoughts in a full book review next week for publication day. In the meantime, here’s a sneak-peek inside the book, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

Book Cover Notes

Slow down and enjoy life’s special moments! 

Moments of Comfort: Embracing the Joy in Life’s Simple Pleasures is a beautifully illustrated book that delivers the little moments of warmth, reassurance, hope, and optimism that every so often, is just what you need to get through the day. 

The perfect antidote to a difficult day or a long week, Moments of Comfort explains why the small pleasures and shots of joy are so important and offers advice, perspectives, insights, and ideas into how you can include them in your everyday life. 

In this book, you’ll get: 

  • Practical ideas and insights into how you can take advantage of more of life’s simple pleasures 
  • Guidance on how you can find more peace, encouragement, and connection in the world around you 
  • Advice on finding the strength to keep going through the difficulties, challenges and tough times in life  

Ideal for anyone looking for some encouragement and enjoyment in their life, Moments of Comfort is a perfect gift for someone you know who might need some support and reassurance, inspiration and hope right now. And of course, that someone could be you! 

Book Extract Moments of Comfort - Book illustration
Example of the beautiful book illustrations

Book Extract

Finding the Good in Each Day

‘Be thankful for what you have and you will end up with more.’ – Oprah Winfrey

When life feels like it’s weighing you down, it can feel like everything is wrong, bad or hopeless; there’s nothing positive. But even during the worst of times, there can be something to be thankful for. Every day, there is something positive and good. Most of the time it’s not obvious. You have to look and often you have to look hard. You have to tap into gratitude.

Gratitude involves being aware of and acknowledging the positive things in your life right now. Even if you get to the end of the day feeling that not much went right, gratitude helps you see life through a more positive lens. Just pausing to identify what you’re thankful for can have a positive impact; when you focus your attention on the positive things, events and people in your life each day, you encourage your own happiness and wellbeing.

The smallest things can make the biggest difference. Gratitude happens best when you make an effort to acknowledge the things that often go unnoticed or unappreciated. It helps create a more balanced perspective.

At the end of each day, identify and reflect on three positive things that happened in your day. It needs only to be the small things – it could simply be that you had something delicious to eat, that the sun shone, or that you received a supportive message from someone. Maybe you enjoyed the sound of the rain on your windows this evening. It could be that you managed to fix something, a cupboard door or undo a knot in a shoelace. Maybe you dropped your phone, thought the screen had smashed but then realised it hadn’t.

Writing in the Guardian in November 2020, journalist Kathryn Bromwich described how starting six years previously, she’d been writing down three good things that happened in her day, every day. ‘It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. It could be having pastries in bed. Spotting a fox in the garden. Successfully descaling a kettle … I have found it vital … to focus on the things that have gone right. Left unattended, my thoughts have a tendency to slip into a downward spiral.’

Even if you have a bad day, at the end of the day, like Kathryn, find three good things that happened. You could write them down in a notebook, or you may simply reflect on what those things are while you are brushing your teeth. Appreciate just knowing that you had good in your day so that, whatever else happened, whatever difficulties you experienced, you know that there was some positivity there.

Just make an effort for a couple of weeks to identify the good things – the small joys – in your day. After a while, identifying and reflecting on the small pleasures will become a habit. A comforting, joyful habit.

About The Author

Gill Hasson has written more than 30 books on the subject of wellbeing for adults and for children; books on emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, happiness and kindness. She also delivers teaching and training for education organisations, voluntary and business organisations and the public sector. Gill’s particular interest and motivation is in helping people to find ways to navigate life’s ups and downs; to manage the downs and to benefit from the ups; to build their confidence and realise their potential.

Follow: @gillhasson or visit

Author Gill Hasson - Book Extract of Moments of Comfort.
Author Gill Hasson

About The Illustrator

Illustrator Eliza Todd

Eliza Todd is the artist and illustrator behind the brand A Peace of Werk. She is a mixed media artist who licenses her art to brands for stationery and home decor worldwide. Through her brand A Peace of Werk, Eliza strives to create art that is uplifting and encourages us to remember that through all of life’s ups and downs there is beauty and richness to be found in the journey.

Follow @apeaceofwerk or visit

Where To Buy

Amazon UK

Many Thanks To

Katy @Capstone for sharing a book extract of Moments of Comfort with TouringTales. Also, a huge thank you for sending me a copy of this gorgeous book.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the book extract from Moments of Comfort, go grab yourself a copy of the book and buy an extra one for a friend or family member who could do with a hug in a book. You can also find a list of Gill Hasson’s books on Amazon including:

  • Lonely Less – How to Connect with Others, Make Friends and Feel Less Lonely (May 2021)
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in the WorkplaceMental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace is a valuable resource for those in the workplace wanting to look after their physical and mental wellbeing, and those looking for guidance in managing staff with mental health issues. (April 2020)
  • Communication: How to Connect with Anyone – a valuable guide for anyone who wishes to communicate effectively, clearly and successfully in all aspects of life. (Aug 2019)

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