Moments of Comfort book review

Book Review: Moments of Comfort

Happy Publication Day to #GillHasson and #Eliza Todd with their lovely new book Moments of Comfort. Following on from the Book Extract I had the privilege to share last week, today I’m delighted to share my book review of Moments of Comfort – Embracing the joy in life’s simple pleasures.

The lovely people at Capstone Publishing have very kindly sent me an advance copy of the book, which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. The illustrations are gorgeous and the authors writing is both comforting and encouraging. 

Before I jump into my book review of Moments of Comfort, the new book release published by #Capstone, here’s the background info on the book.

Book Cover Notes

Slow down and enjoy life’s special moments! 

Moments of Comfort: Embracing the Joy in Life’s Simple Pleasures is a beautifully illustrated book that delivers the little moments of warmth, reassurance, hope, and optimism that every so often, is just what you need to get through the day. 

The perfect antidote to a difficult day or a long week, Moments of Comfort explains why the small pleasures and shots of joy are so important and offers advice, perspectives, insights, and ideas into how you can include them in your everyday life. 

In this book, you’ll get: 

  • Practical ideas and insights into how you can take advantage of more of life’s simple pleasures 
  • Guidance on how you can find more peace, encouragement, and connection in the world around you 
  • Advice on finding the strength to keep going through the difficulties, challenges and tough times in life  

Ideal for anyone looking for some encouragement and enjoyment in their life, Moments of Comfort is a perfect gift for someone you know who might need some support and reassurance, inspiration and hope right now. And of course, that someone could be you! 

book review moments of comfort
Example of the beautiful book illustrations

Take A Comfort Break With A Cuppa

My Thoughts

Moments of Comfort is such a delightful little book. The author’s introduction reminds us that when we’ve had a bad day, a bad week or going through a tough time, it’s important to do what we can to make things a bit easier. Rather than struggling on thinking you need to just get on with it, it’s important to know that it’s ok not to be ok.

Sometimes life has it’s ups and downs, Moments of Comfort encourages us to recognise this fact. It’s jam packed full of empathy for what we may be going through and provides practical advice, lots of ideas and gentle reminders of the importance of taking care of ourselves.

Each chapter of Moments of Comfort has been written in bitesize chunks of just 1 or 2 pages. This makes it a perfect tea break read. I looked forward to my daily tea breaks (I know I’m very British 🙂 ), mid-morning and mid-afternoon. This little book became part of my daily routine, 10-15 mins of ‘me time’. I’m sure Gill will be pleased to read this, as it’s a good example of what she is encouraging us to do. Take a break, make time to care for ourselves in our busy lives and embrace the simple things around us.

If you love a good quote then you’ll love this book. There are lots of quotes on kindness, acceptance and thought-provoking words of wisdom. I often found myself pondering a particular quote during my day. At home we have a kitchen white board that we use to organise our week, I’ve now started adding quotes from the book as weekly inspiration or reminders for my husband and me.

You have to be able to get up and dust yourself off and always be going forward. – Rita Moreno

Throughout the book there are several sections in which you can capture your own thoughts and notes. This is very handy to jot down things to come back to, maybe a reminder to visit the website or book or You Tube video which has been recommended.

I’m sure everyone that reads Moments of Comfort will find something that really resonates with them. For me these included:

  • Spend time pottering – I often do this when I have a busy brain or I’m feeling nervous about something. Cleaning that grubby sink or tidying the garden distracts me and puts my energy to good use
  • Finding flow – after reading this chapter I wrote down some of the thingsI love to do. Within 10 mins I had quite a list (including reading obvs 🙂 ).
  • Having routines – For me walking my dogs 3 times a day is part of my routine. No matter what’s going on in my world (good or bad) I take comfort that they are there and ready to go and explore with me.


There’s something for everyone in this beautifully illustrated and wise little book. It’s jam packed with insights, practical advice and ideas on how to take care of yourself and to embrace simple pleasures around you. The book is made even more special by the beautiful and colourful illustrations.

Highly recommended. This would make such a lovely gift for family or friends, especially those who are going through a difficult time.

Where to buy

Amazon | The Book Depository

Further book info
  • Published Date: 28th October 2021
  • Publisher: Capstone
  • Page Count: 160

About The Author

Gill Hasson has written more than 30 books on the subject of wellbeing for adults and for children; books on emotional intelligence, resilience, mindfulness, overcoming anxiety, happiness and kindness. She also delivers teaching and training for education organisations, voluntary and business organisations and the public sector. Gill’s particular interest and motivation is in helping people to find ways to navigate life’s ups and downs; to manage the downs and to benefit from the ups; to build their confidence and realise their potential.

Follow: @gillhasson or visit

Author Gill Hasson

About The Illustrator

Illustrator Eliza Todd

Eliza Todd is the artist and illustrator behind the brand A Peace of Werk. She is a mixed media artist who licenses her art to brands for stationery and home decor worldwide. Through her brand A Peace of Werk, Eliza strives to create art that is uplifting and encourages us to remember that through all of life’s ups and downs there is beauty and richness to be found in the journey.

Follow @apeaceofwerk or visit

Many Thanks To

Katy @Capstone for sharing a book extract as well as sending me a copy of Moments of Comfort.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my book review of Moments of Comfort, go grab yourself a copy of the book today. In fact buy an extra one for a friend or family member who could do with a hug in a book. You can also find a list of Gill Hasson’s books on Amazon including:

  • Career Finder: Where to go from here for a Successful Future – This is now on my ‘Wishlist’. Having reached 50 this year and finished my 30 year corporate finance life, I’m at a bit of a cross roads as to ‘What Next’?
  • Lonely Less – How to Connect with Others, Make Friends and Feel Less Lonely (May 2021)
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace – Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace is a valuable resource for those in the workplace wanting to look after their physical and mental wellbeing, and those looking for guidance in managing staff with mental health issues. (April 2020)
  • Communication: How to Connect with Anyone – a valuable guide for anyone who wishes to communicate effectively, clearly and successfully in all aspects of life. (Aug 2019)

Finally, if you’d like to read more Book Extracts then visit – Touring Tales Book Extracts Section

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