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Book Review: Scars by Dan Scottow

Back in March I was delighted to share a Q&A interview with bestselling author Dan Scottow. So I was super excited to be invited to join the blog tour to read and review Scars, Dan Scottow’s third book, released on the 3rd August 2021.

Where Are We Touring Today?

Scars takes us on a tour to the Scottish Highlands, to stay alongside a beautiful loch. But not all is what it seems…

Before I share my book review of Scars here’s a little more about the book.

Book Cover Notes

The wounds you can’t see take the longest to heal…

In an isolated cottage on the banks of a Scottish loch, a reclusive couple take on a new live-in carer.

As Lucy gets to know her employers, she realises the house and the people in it aren’t what they seem. Is the house haunted or is something far more sinister living within the walls?

As secrets and lies begin to unravel, Lucy starts to question what is real. But one thing seems certain, if scars cannot heal, people will never forgive…

Scars Dan Scottow
Scars by Dan Scottow – Blog Tour – Touring Tales 5th August 2021

My Thoughts

What can I say about that first chapter! In fact, from the first page Scars has your heart pumping as you read the unsettling backstory that sets the scene for what is to come.

Set in a remote cottage on the beautiful banks of a Scottish loch. We are introduced to Diana and her husband Richard. Both were successful artists from London, now living a quiet and simple life having survived a near fatal car accident. Richard is ‘locked-in’, a static state and therefore needs full-time care, which Diana is struggling to provide.

Another tear rolls down Diana’s cheek, changing its track as it bumps over the rough, spidery tendrils of her scar.

Lucy has her own reasons for wanting to leave London, including a broken relationship. So she takes up the offer of a care job in a remote but beautiful part of Scotland. The change will do her good or so she thinks.

I liked how the story was told from both Diana and Lucy’s viewpoint. Diana was quick to assess ‘the girls’ poor cooking skills and was she really up to the level of care needed to look after her husband? For Lucy the solitude hits her and she soon wonders whether this job was a good idea. It’s so remote, no TV, no Internet not even a mobile signal, who chooses to live somewhere like that?

As the story continues, we learn more about Diana and how her life has changed through tragedy. Lucy begins to see signs of stress, anxiety and the increasing ways in which Diana tries to block out the pain. She denies it of course and sternly reminds Lucy of her place as an employee not to overstep her mark.

Diana doesn’t want to admit that she is feeling anxious, suffering with dizzy spells, panic attacks, slurred vision and problems talking. She feels like an idiot for getting into such a drunken state at her age, she’s doesn’t think she’s drinking that much. She is convinced that something or someone is watching her, haunting her. What is happening to her? Is she going crazy?

She doesn’t even know if what she is seeing is real anymore. But the moment she admits this is the moment she becomes like her mother.’

Scars is packed full of creepy, haunting scenes and tormented characters whose stories are so cleverly interwoven. The last few chapters were stomach churning, skin crawling, nail biting and full of tension. Fabulous and yet terrifying. It’s like the author crawled inside my head and found my worst nightmare (wasps!!!) and wrote about it. 🙂 I had to take several tea breaks to stop myself being creeped out! As much as I needed to know what was happening, I didn’t want this book to end.


This is the best psychological thriller writing I have come across in a very long time. Absolutely loved it.

Not for the faint hearted. Scars is a heart pumping, stomach churning, skin crawling, nail biting good read.

If you love a good psycho thriller then Scars by Dan Scottow is definitely for you. Go grab yourself a copy right now.

Where To Buy

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Further book info
  • Published Date: 3rd August 2021
  • Publisher: Bloodhound Books
  • Page Count: 424

About The Author

Dan Scottow Author Photo

Dan grew up in Hertfordshire before moving to London in his early twenties. After more than ten years living there, he decided enough was enough, and packed his bags for Scotland in search of a more peaceful life. 

Dan works as a graphic designer, but dreams of the day he can give it up and write full time. 

Besides writing, he enjoys painting, watching a good scary film, travelling the world, good food, long walks on the beach with his dogs, and of course, reading a great book.

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Where To Find Dan Online

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