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Book Review: The City of Tears

It’s my absolute privilege today to be on the book blog tour for The City of Tears. This is the latest historical fiction from Kate Mosse. I’ve been a big fan of this author since discovering Labryinth and I’ve followed and read everything from Kate Mosse ever since.

Where are we Touring to?

The City of Tears takes us on a tour from Puivert in France on a journey to Paris. The tale then leads us to The City of Tears, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which was such an interesting destination to read about.

The City of Tears Book Blog Tour
Book Blog Tour The City of Tears (Touring Tales 2nd Fab 2022)

Book Cover Notes

A breathtaking historical novel of revenge, persecution and loss, The City of Tears by Kate Mosse follows on from her Sunday Times number one bestseller, The Burning Chambers.

The City of Tears – Book 2 – Paris, August 1572

Minou Joubert and her family are in Paris for a Royal Wedding, an alliance between the Catholic Crown and the Huguenot King of Navarre intended to bring peace to France after a decade of religious wars. So too is their oldest enemy, Vidal, still in pursuit of a relic that will change the course of history. But within days of the marriage, thousands will lie dead in the streets and Minou’s beloved family will be scattered to the four winds and one of her beloved children will have disappeared without trace . . .

A breath-taking novel of revenge, persecution and loss, sweeping from Paris and Chartres to the City of Tears itself – the great refugee city of Amsterdam – this is a story of one family’s fight to stay together, to survive and to find each other, against the devastating tides of history . . .

The City of Tears - Courage will be their greatest weapon

My Thoughts

The City of Tears continues the breath-taking tale of Minou Reydon-Joubert andPiet Reydon. This is the second book in the series, following on from book 1 The Burning Chambers. If you haven’t read book 1 don’t worry, The City of Tears can easily be read as a standalone.

At the beginning of book 2, set some 10 years on from The Burning Chambers, we are transported back to 1572 in Puivert, France. The City of Tears continues the epic story of Minou and Piet’s life in Puivert, where Protestants and Catholics now live in fairly peaceful times. Minou and her family have a comfortable life and they have plenty to be thankful for. But that’s about to change, forever…

An invite to witness the royal wedding of Charles IX’s sister, Catholic Marguerite de Valois, and Protestant Henry III of Navarre takes Minou and Piet on a long journey to Paris. They take with them their children, seven-year-old Marta and two-year-old Jean Jacques, to share in the excitement and adventures of Paris. A decision that will haunt Minou for many years to come.

The City of Tears is another remarkable historical fiction from Kate Mosse. The author is well known for her extensive research before writing each book. It’s such a thrill to pick up a new Kate Mosse book and turn to the first page. I can’t wait to delve into what I know will be a gripping saga. The author weaves both extensively researched facts and historical fiction into her creative writing. An example being the St Bartholomew day massacre of the Protestant community. A tragic, brutal event, which is re-told with stunning detail and imagination.

Without knowing of the mistakes of the past,’ she used to say, ‘how can we learn not to repeat them? History is our teacher.’

In this latest instalment, I really enjoyed reading about the different lifestyles between France and the Netherlands. Cornelia, a new character in book 2, is a strong and likeable addition to the story, becoming a true friend of Minou and her family. I hope we get to spend more time with Cornelia in the next book in the series.


Full of historical detail, family secrets, betrayals and a determination to survive and stay together.

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Further book info

  • Published Date: 20 January 2022 (paperback)
  • Publisher: Pan
  • Page Count: 560

About The Author

Author photo Kate Mosse The City of Tears Book Blog Tour Jan 2022
Author Kate Mosse

Kate Mosse is a number one international bestselling novelist, playwright and non-fiction writer.

The author of eight novels and short story collections – including the multimillion- selling Languedoc Trilogy (Labyrinth, Sepulchre and Citadel) and Gothic fiction The Winter Ghosts and The Taxidermist’s Daughter, which she is adapting for the stage – her books have been translated into thirty-eight languages and published in more than forty countries.

She is the Founder Director of the Women’s Prize for Fiction and a regular interviewer for theatre & fiction events. Kate divides her time between Chichester in West Sussex and Carcassonne in south-west France.

Where To Find Kate Online

Website | Twitter | Instagram

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Many thanks to Anne @randomttours for inviting me on the book blog tour for The City of Tears. Thanks also to Kate Mosse and Pan Publishing for my digital copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Finally, I hope you’ve enjoyed my book review of The City of Tears by Kate Mosse. If you’re a fan of historical fiction books then I would highly recommend The City of Tears. Don’t forget to check out Kate’s other books including:

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