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Book Round Up of 2020

So how did you get on with your book reading in 2020? I’m pleased to say I smashed my target of 20 books. I actually read 26! Below is a book round up of my 2020 reading. Hopefully some of these will appeal to you for your 2021 book reading list.

Andrew Ridgeley – Wham! George & me

I was a huge fan of Wham! in my teens. This book was gifted to me Last Christmas – see what I did there 🙂 so this was my January read in 2020.

If you loved Wham! then you will enjoy Andrew’s behind the scenes commentary. Very honest and open account of the rise of George and Andrew from school mates to pop stars.

There isn’t a book review for this or the first few books on my list. My little book blog was launched in October 2020.

Dr Rangan Chatterjee – The 4 Pillar Plan

My 2nd read of 2020 was this inspiring and informative health and wellbeing book. Lots of tips & advice on improving your health and mind. I loved the design and photography in this book, it really motivated me to continue my own vegetarian, fitness and health journey.

Highly recommended. Dr Rangan Chatterjee also has a fabulous podcast series, I never miss an episode. If you’re 2021 Goals include improve your health then definitely check out this book and podcast.

C J Skuse – Sweetpea

Loved, loved, loved this book. If you’re looking for something a little darker, along the Dexter serial killer series, then you’ll love this book too.

A strong female character, with a daily ‘kill list’, which had me laughing out loud. From the man on the Lidl checkout who always mishandles her apples, to the driver who cuts her off on her way to work, to the people who have got it coming, Rhiannon’s ready to get her revenge.

One of my favourite books in 2020, see also In Bloom below (book 2).

C J Skuse – In Bloom

Book 2 about Rhiannon the female serial killer series. I thought book 1 was dark, but this goes even further. Like book 1 – Sweetpea, I couldn’t put it down and had several late nights devouring this book.

Jenni Murray – The history of the world in 21 women

Non Fiction: Marie Curie discovered radium and revolutionised medical science. Empress Cixi transformed China. Frida Kahlo turned an unflinching eye on life and death. Anna Politkovskaya dared to speak truth to power, no matter the cost. Their names should be shouted from the rooftops.

And that is exactly what Jenni Murray is doing in this fascinating book. Each chapter telling the story of some of histories amazing women.

Liz Hinds – The Dog Walking Club

Every dog walk brings new drama into the lives of these dogs and their people. A supermarket shelf-stacker, a stay-at-home dad, an elderly widow and a freelance photographer sound an unlikely bunch of friends but they have one thing in common: they all walk their dogs in Beauville Park at roughly the same time each morning. 

Being a Hooman to 2 Cocker Spaniels, I love indulging in books with dogs or animals in. This is a feel good, easy read that is perfect book to snuggle up on the sofa with your furr-baby.

Luan Wise – Relax! It’s only social media

I regularly schedule a non fiction book into my reading list to break up my year. Sometimes it’s health or fitness related and sometimes, like this one, it’s to develop my skills and learning for work.

Luan’s book is full of great strategies, advice and tips for those wanting to learn more about social media. This book will help any small business owner get started on social media or improve their plans for the coming year. Highly recommended. Luan’s website also has great courses, some free so do go check out her website too.

Nick Albert – Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds

Another dog themed book read 🙂 This time a travel memoir.

Nick and Lesley Albert yearn to leave the noise, stress and pollution of modern Britain and move to the countryside, where the living is good and has space for their dogs to run free. Suddenly out of work and soon to be homeless, they set off in search of a new life in Ireland, a country they have never visited. As their adventure begins to unfold, not everything goes according to plan.

I really enjoyed this book, following along as Nick and Lesley pack up their home and hounds and head off for a new life in Ireland. Laugh out loud in places and very relatable story about stepping off the rat race.

Nick Albert – Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds 2

Having really enjoyed book 1 I jumped straight into reading book 2 to find out what happened next to Nick, Lesley and their growing pack.

This book was also my first book blog tour ahhh! You can read my full book review here

Fiona Leitch – Murder Ahoy!

Famous crime writer Bella Tyson is hired to co-host a Murder Mystery cruise, on a luxury liner sailing from Southampton to New York. She’s expecting an easy ride; fun and games, surrounded by amateur sleuths and fans of her books, all the while staying in a deluxe cabin and enjoying the spa and the amazing restaurants on board.

Unfortunately, things don’t quite go to plan and Bella finds herself the centre of attention in a real life murder.

Read my book review of Murder Ahoy!

Jennifer Bohnet – A French Affair

I love any story that includes France. The food, culture, places and language. But then having a surname like LaMude it’s not surprising I love French things.

So Jennifer’s 2020 book launch of A French Affair was just up my street. A lovely feel good story, and a very welcome escape this year with all the craziness of a pandemic going on.

Read my book review of A French Affair

Marielle Smith – 365 Days of Gratitude Journal

Another enjoyable non fiction book launched in 2020.

Being grateful is easy when everything goes according to plan. But how do you keep at it no matter what life throws at you?

Enter 365 Days of Gratitude, the undated daily journal that will help you stay on track.

After years of barely surviving her own emotional minefield, writing coach Mariëlle S. Smith discovered the transformative power of practising gratitude. But, like no one else, she knows that cultivating an attitude of gratitude is easier said than done.

Complete with inspiring quotes, daily prompts, and recurring check-ins, the 365 Days of Gratitude Journal encourages you to create a sustainable gratitude practice too.

Read my book review of 365 Days Gratitude Journal

Jack Barrow – In SatNav We Trust

I love a good Travel Memoir, In SatNav we Trust is a refreshing and unique read. Recommended to those with an open and inquisitive mind.

You can read my Interview with the Author & Book Review here.

David Reynolds – Slow Road to San Francisco

Another Travel Memoir, this time set in the USA. Reynolds follows the direction of history, the direction taken by explorers and pioneer settlers. As he travels he conjures a vivid picture of the US then and now; its landscape and its people in all their diversity.

An interesting journey and an interesting read as the author travels from east to west, driving slowly, stopping frequently. He meets a huge variety of Americans – white, black, Hispanic, Asian, native American; Christian, Muslim, atheist, Mormon, Mennonite; rich, middling, poor. They talk about everything from slavery, Indian reservations, fracking and forest fires to baseball, beer, the blues, Butch Cassidy, and Marilyn Monroe. 

Read my book review of Slow Road to San Fran

Karen Webb – A Stranger in Paris

This is such an open, honest travel memoir, it stays with you for quite some time.

Aberystwyth University, 1986, bad hair days and a rugby-fanatic fiancé are part of her drab existence so who can blame Karen for falling into the arms of a handsome Parisian?

Post-University, Karen crosses The Channel to the city of light only to discover that her Parisian lover is nowhere to be found. Nor what he seemed. Based on a true story, this is book 1 in a 3 part series. I can’t wait to read book 2 as soon as it’s available.

Read my book review of A Stranger in Paris

Jeremy Hance – Baggage

As someone who loves to travel and has had her wings clipped this year (thanks 2020), I was attracted to this new Travel Memoir. But actually this is much more than a Travel Memoir, it has plenty to say about conservation, pollution and our destruction of this planet.

Read my book review of Baggage

Graham Hurley – Limelight

Back to fiction next with this gripping thriller. Enora Andressen makes a series of mind-blowing discoveries when her friend disappears in this compelling thriller set in an idyllic Devon town of Budleigh Salterton.

Read my book review of Limelight

Christopher Bowden – The Purple Shadow

In the years before the war, Sylvie Charlot was a leading light in Paris fashion with many friends among musicians, artists and writers. Now she is largely forgotten. Spending time in Paris during a break in his acting career, Colin Mallory sees a striking portrait of Sylvie. Some think it is a late work by Edouard Vuillard but there is no signature or documentary evidence to support this view. The picture has some unusual qualities, not least the presence of a shadow of something that cannot be seen. 

Read my book review of The Purple Shadow

Maxine Morrey – Winter at Wishington Bay

A deliciously heart-warming and romantic read, perfect for a cosy winter’s evening.

Read my book review of Winter at Wishington Bay

Della Galton – Moonlight over Studland Bay

A laugh out loud delightful read. I enjoyed following Sam’s heart-warming story as she struggles to realise a dream.

Read my book review of Moonlight over Studland Bay

Aaron Hodges – Solo

Solo is a travel guide aimed at students and young adults in their 20s. 

Read my book review of Solo

Judy Leigh – Heading over the hill

Growing old disgracefully and having a grand old time… soul-warming, rib-tickling, timeless tale of true love, true friendship and happy-ever-afters.  

Read my book review of Heading Over the Hill

Jeffery Deaver – Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Jeffery Deaver introduces an enjoyable collection of chilling short stories. ‘Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.’ – Don’t you believe it!

Read my review of this anthology of short stories

Nick Spalding – Going Green

This is the book for you if, like me, you’re in need of a fun, laugh out loud book read during these challenging times.

Strong, likeable characters, with an important underlying message and actionable take-aways for us all.

Read my review of Going Green

So there you have it, my book round up for 2020. Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

2021 is a few days away, I’m looking forward to so many things in 2021.

  • More fabulous books to read and reviews to share
  • Spring and summer and safely seeing friends and family
  • Getting married – finally after a frustrating delay this summer

I hope you have a happy New Year, all the best for 2021.

Miche xxx

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