Books For Gardeners

Books for Gardeners

In today’s post I share some of my favourite books for gardeners. Whether you’re a novice (like me) or an avid gardener, there are some fabulous garden books available to help you. From large gardens to small gardens, as well as allotments and balcony gardens. If you have space for a few pretty pots you can learn to grow seasonal flowers, plants or your own veg.

My own garden is small and has been designed for the bees and nature. We have lots of wood and natural stone nooks for bees and butterfly’s to explore and shelter in. We have bird feeders and bird boxes in the copse of trees behind our house so we have daily visits from all sorts of birds.

I love to grow herbs for cooking but other than that I’ve still a lot to learn about planning my garden so there’s colour and interest all year round. I’m always on the look out for great garden books to inspire and help me try something new each year.

I hope you like my book list of books for gardeners. Don’t forget books like these make lovely gifts for family and friends too. Mothers Day, Father’s Day and birthdays are a great opportunity to give a book as a present to inspire their creativity in a hobby they love.

Books for Gardeners

Below is my book list of bestselling books for gardeners.

Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul

Discover the joys and health-giving benefits of nurturing a garden

  • Explore which plants release scents to help uplift and soothe.
  • Discover the ways gardening can boost physical and mental well-being, and promote feelings of balance and calm.
  • Learn about birdsong and how it can boost happiness and creativity.
  • Experience the wonders of growing plants from seeds, and how it teaches us to slow down and appreciate the simple things.

The Five Minute Garden

The five-minute method to keep your garden beautiful

Garden writer Laetitia Maklouf has discovered the secret of happier gardening – do something small every day. She’s packed this book with little bursts of activity: spruce, chop, nurture, fuss or tackle a larger project, all in five-minute forays.

Rewild Your Garden – Create a Haven for Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

I love learning new ways to encourage wildlife into my garden. This book is perfect for wildlife and nature fans.

In this practical, beautifully illustrated guide horticulturalist and Gardener’s World presenter Frances Tophill shows you how to plan and maintain a beautiful garden that will attract bees and birds.

Whether you have a small balcony or a large open space, discover the joys of welcoming natural ecosystems back into your garden – along with a host of new visitors.

National Trust School of Gardening

The National Trust looks after hundreds of beautiful gardens of every imaginable shape and size across Britain – from the grandest country estate to the smallest cottage garden. 

From herbaceous borders to gardening sustainably, roses and climbers to growing under glass, each chapter  provides snippets of horticultural history, examples of best practice from National Trust gardens, unique gems of wisdom from talented NT gardeners, and lots of easy-to-follow practical advice.

RHS How To Garden When You’re New To Gardening

 The Basics For Absolute Beginners. If you’re not sure of the first steps to take, this handbook takes the anxiety out of plotting and planting and equips you with all the know-how and confidence you need to get digging into your garden.

Also available at: Book Depository (Free Delivery)

RHS Step-by-Step Veg Patch

A guide to vegetable growing for gardeners with little space but big ambitions.

Perfect for beginners as well as keen gardeners. This planting book will teach you how to plan your space, be it a small raised bed, some pots, or a large vegetable patch. The bright photos, step-by-step illustrations, and foolproof advice will get you growing in no time.

Also available at: Book Depository with FREE Delivery

My Garden World – Monty Don

I couldn’t have a book list without Monty now could I? This is Monty Don’s personal journey through the natural year, month by month, season by season, observed from the immediate world around him.

Also available at: Book Depository with FREE Delivery

Monty’s Latest Book is The Complete Gardener, which brings you right up to date on how Monty gardens today.

Is it time for a Brew yet?

RHS Complete Gardener’s Manual

A one-stop treasure trove from the RHS that covers every aspect of gardening, from planning and planting to growing and care.

Choose plants that will thrive in your space. Design a border for year-round colour. Grasp different pruning techniques. Discover how to protect your veg patch from pests. Make the best compost.

Delve into this concise, practical encyclopedia to find all the ideas and advice you need to create a spectacular, thriving garden.

Also available at: Book Depository with FREE Delivery

Allotment Month By Month

Discover how to grow fresh, seasonal produce in your allotment or garden all year round with the bestselling guide from Alan Buckingham. Allotment Month by Month takes the uncertainty out of your harvest with clear, reliable gardening advice for every month of the year.

Also available at: Book Depository

Greenhouse Gardening: The Essential Guide

One for the keen gardener (and my dad who loves his greenhouse).

Have you always wanted to produce fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits by yourself but you have no idea where to start to do it? Then this is the book for you.

Also available at: Book Depository with FREE Delivery

A Year Full of Flowers

Fill your garden with flowers all-year round with inspiration, planting ideas and expert advice from Sarah Raven.

This is an area that I still need to learn more about. How to keep flowers or colour in my garden all year round. A Year Full of Flowers reveals the hundreds of hardworking varieties that make the garden sing each month, together with the practical tasks that ensure everything is planted, staked and pruned at just the right time.

And lastly, I couldn’t resist this one 🙂

All My Garden Shit

You gotta LOVE this title 🙂

This Beautifully designed 150 Page Gardening Planner has got you covered every step of the way and will help you to plan, plant, harvest, maintain, and catalog your garden. Start planning now for a sustainable beautiful garden.

I hope my Books for Gardeners book list has inspired you. Hopefully this has also provided you with some great book gift ideas for your garden enthusiast family and friends.

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After all that gardening – it’s time for a Brew

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