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Below are the latest featured list of recommendations from Touring Tales Travel and Book Blog. We love Touring in our motorhome, reading books and sharing our top picks. If you're looking for ideas for your next book read, or gifts for family and friends then we have you covered.

  • Calendar of Events

    Things To Do in the UK Calendar of Events Travel Motorhome ideas from Touring Tales

    A month by month calendar of events for campers to inspire your next Motorhome, Campervan or Caravan road trip.

  • 8 Great Podcasts For Book Lovers

    8 Podcasts For Book Lovers

    Do you ever listen to Podcasts? Have you discovered bookish podcasts? Here's 8 of my favourite Podcasts For Book Lovers like you (and me). Why not give them a try.

  • Top 5 Historical Fiction Books

    Banner Top 5 Historical Fiction Books by Touring Tales Books Blog

    Do you love historical fiction books? If so, then don't miss my book list of Top 5 historical fiction books that I couldn't put down. Find out more...

  • Visiting the Fully Charged Show LIVE

    Touring Tales visit to Fully Charged Show LIVE

    Fully Charged Show LIVE is a fun, interesting and informative day out to learn more about 'clean' energy sources. It aims to educate, encourage and explain why we all need to #StopBurningStuff Find out more about the show.