Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults

Christmas Eve Box For Adults

I’ve been thinking about family traditions recently and decided to add a new December tradition to mine. I’m going to make a Christmas Eve Box for Adults. Have you heard about these? My gorgeous hubby Dave will, of course, be the first recipient of a Christmas Eve Box. Dave is my rock, my everything and deserves to be spoilt and pampered at all times. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next in line for a Christmas Eve box for adults will be Dave’s parents, my lovely in-laws. This year, a little different from previous years, we are filling our motorhome with everything for Christmas and heading to Suffolk to cook up a feast for Dave’s mum and Dad on Christmas Day.

We don’t have a big family and sadly there are no little ones running around our house, but I thought why shouldn’t we still have fun at Christmas as adults right! So each December from now on I shall be making up Christmas Eve Boxes for whichever grown ups we are spending Christmas with. Whether it’s Dave’s parents, my parents, my grown up stepsons (and girlfriends) or friends. Someone, as well as Dave, is gonna get a box each year ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Adults - Christmas Eve Poem

What are Christmas Eve boxes?

Christmas Eve boxes are beautifully decorated boxes, filled with small gifts, that are opened the night before Christmas. Thought to originate from European countries such as Germany where they have a tradition of giving presents on Christmas Eve. Typically, Christmas Eve for families with children involves getting ready for Santa to arrive. So the Christmas Eve boxes for kids include new PJs, and stocking filler treats to settle them in bed early before Santa comes.

I’ve also read that in Iceland they have a tradition of giving a book and chocolates on Christmas Eve, which I love the sound of. But rather than moving to Iceland, as amazing as that would be as I do love Iceland, for now I’ll adopt a new tradition combining some of these elements.

Where can I buy a Christmas Eve Box?

There are several ways to source the boxes:

  • Amazon Christmas Boxes – several sizes, designs as well as personalised. Filter to your price budget if needed.
  • Etsy – See my collection of fabulous Christmas Eve Box for adults ideas for you to try
  • Local Craft Store
  • Make your own
  • Re-use and decorate up a container / box you already have

For the craft fans, it’s time to get creative and cover each Christmas Eve Box with anything and everything from your craft stash. Paint it, Sticker it, snowflakes, glitter, ribbons, tinsel… Book yourself a craft afternoon mid December and have fun.

For non crafty types don’t worry, you can simply add pretty tissue paper inside the box, sprinkle some glitter or Christmas confetti and your chosen gifts. Wrap the box with the most gorgeous paper and ribbon you can find.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be a box or container at all, it’s your Christmas Eve Gift so think outside the box, literally. How about a large pretty stocking filler or a personalised eco-friendly, reusable drawstring bag?

Visit my Etsy collection of fabulous Christmas Eve Box ideas

Christmas Eve Box for Adults - Alternative bag for adults
See my Etsy collection for Christmas Eve Bags for Adults

What goes in a Christmas Eve Box For Adults?

Essentially if you think along the lines of stocking fillers you’re on the right track. Small items that can make Here are some ideas of what you could add to a Christmas Eve Box for Adults. Think fun, small items that would bring a smile and comfort to snuggle up with on Christmas eve:

  • Book – need ideas on what book to gift? Check out my Book Reviews Section
  • Puzzle Book
  • Pocket Diary for next year (to sit and transfer important dates like birthdays, household reminders and appointments ready for the New Year)
  • Novelty Pen
  • Novelty Socks or slipper socks
  • Novelty Mug
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolates – M&S Chocolate Pretzels are our favourite treat, what’s yours?
  • Pre-mixed Cocktail Can
  • Miniature spirit bottle – mini Whiskey, Rum, Gin, Baileys or whatever is their favourite tipple
  • Small Craft Kit – we loved making these diamond painting bookmarks on my mums birthday
  • Bath Bomb
  • Gourmet Popcorn (perfect for a Christmas Movie night)
  • Travel Board Game – these make perfect Christmas Eve Box for adults gifts. Here’s my favourite Travel Board Games
  • Santa Hat, Elf Hat or similar that they MUST wear on Christmas Day
  • Sprig of mistletoe – time for those cheeky Christmas kisses

Dave loves to soak in the bath so next year (as we’re in the motorhome this year) I’ll probably make a bath themed Christmas Eve Box:

  • Bath Bomb
  • Christmas Spicy Scented Candle
  • Miniature wine bottle
  • New action fiction book
  • Gourmet snack or mince pie

I hope he doesn’t read this post otherwise I’ve just spoilt the surprise ๐Ÿ™‚

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Can I create a Travel Christmas Eve Box?

Of course, what a fabulous idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving to the in-laws like us this year, or flying out for some winter sun / skiing (lucky you!), why not make a Travel Christmas Eve Box.

For kids the box could include colouring books and pens, puzzle books to keep them busy during the drive / train or flight.

As for adults, just make up a box that you can carry in your luggage/boot of the car/camper van. Sorted. We’re travelling to my in-laws before Christmas in our motorhome. In fact, we’re staying in our motorhome each night at a nearby campsite as there’s no room for us to sleep at my in-laws bungalow. So our first Christmas Eve Boxes will travel with us in our motorhome and we’ll all open our Christmas Eve boxes together for a cosy movie night before we head back to our campsite for the night.

Looking for more Christmas Eve Box Ideas?

How about making your Christmas Eve Box for adults themed. For example it could be:

  • Colour themed – choose two colours such as Red and White or Gold and Silver
  • Santa themed – lots of Santa covered gifts such as chocolate Santa, socks, mug
  • Movie Night theme – popcorn, movie novelty items
  • Spa Night Theme – indulgent Spa and Bath items for a pamper night

Final thoughts on Christmas Eve Box For Adults

Whatever you decide to use and put in your Christmas Eve Box For Adults, just have fun with it and think about the person it’s being gifted for. What do they love? Itโ€™s guaranteed to be a lovely surprise and a great hit on Christmas Eve for the grown ups in your family. The fact is we all turn into big kids at Christmas time and we’d all be over the moon to receive an extra little gift package a day early.ย And don’t forget to make yourself a Christmas Eve Box too so you can join in the fun. I’m certainly making my own Christmas Eve Box with all my favourite treats and a book of course ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m making up my Christmas Box or Adults this week, so as soon as they’re ready I’ll share photos here to see what you think.

Have you made a Christmas Eve Box for adults?

I’d love to see what you came up with so share in the comments below with a photo. What was your theme? Who did you gift a box to?

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