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Today, I’m on the book blog tour promoting The bench by cromer beach. I’m pleased to be able to share an Extract from the book kindly provided by the author.

Book Cover Notes:

Five people in a sleepy English coastal town. One year that changes everything. 

They seem to have it all. They’re in good health and are financially secure. They live in a pleasant and comfortable town. But as their lives intertwine, cracks emerge and restlessness grows.  

For Clive, is retirement the beginning of the end? Can fun-loving Saskia break free from her adulterous husband? Will Andy marry his childhood sweetheart? Is Jamie prepared to change his dishonest ways? Might Ellie’s happy marriage be shattered by temptation?

Heart-warming and heart-breaking collide in this novel about aspirations, expectations and the realities of everyday life.

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Author Intro:

The bench by Cromer beach is set in a beautiful, largely unspoilt, town on the North Norfolk coast. There is a line of benches overlooking the sea along the clifftop, frequently occupied by elderly citizens. One man, peering down onto the beach, particularly caught my attention when I was visiting and a fictional version of him is featured in this novel. He notes (true enough) that there are a lot of dogs in Cromer. Two of them, named after characters in a book for children, are owned by Saskia, a young Dutch woman who is desperate to get away from Rupert, her philandering husband.

In this extract she is talking about a separation with her son, Freddie:

Book Extract

‘Will we still live in Cromer, Mummy?’

How could she lie about that one? Tell him definitely “yes” and then a few weeks later whisk him off to Holland?

‘I’m not sure. Is that what you’d like?’

‘Yes, I think it’s very nice here. I love the seaside.’

The pair of them were sitting on the beach munching tuna and cucumber sandwiches while Jip and Janneke were noisily gnawing at their biscuit treats. Saskia watched the sea roll out lazily, exposing a widening expanse of golden sand. She’d miss the sea, too.

‘We’ll decide that together, as a family.’

A short while ago the decision to leave Cromer would have been straightforward. Freddie was having a torrid time at school. Friendless and unhappy, he was tormenting his classmates and according to his teacher, had all but given up on work. Saskia knew this was out of character. Freddie was good-natured and, in the past, hardworking. Her conclusion – a new school in a new town in a new country made perfect sense.

But her son’s behaviour during the last weeks of term had improved substantially, so much so that children, with surprisingly short memories given what had happened beforehand, were now best friends queueing up to come over to play during the holidays. He was so much happier now that home life was calmer. Saskia’s initial decision to immediately quit Cromer was open to debate.  

She had an idea to test the viability of a move back to her homeland. ‘I’m taking Freddie over to Holland for a while,’ she told Rupert.

They were sitting together in the lounge, Rupert reading the newspaper. ‘Yeah, fine,’ he mumbled without looking up.

‘We can stay with my parents, possibly my brother, too. I’ll be able to catch up with some old friends.’


The truce between them was uneasy and this indifference somehow felt worse than hostility.

‘As soon as we’re back, I’m going to make a start with our separation.’

Rupert didn’t even make eye contact as he left the room. At least he now knew about the timing and she meant what she said. On the day that they returned from Holland she would be making an appointment to see a solicitor.

About the Author

R J Gould is published by Lume Books and Headline Accent and is the author of five novels: A Street Café Named Desire, The Engagement Party, Jack and Jill Went Downhill, Mid-life follies and The bench by Cromer beach. He is a (rare male) member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. Having been selected for the organisation’s New Writers Programme, his first novel was short-listed for the Joan Hessayon Award. ​​Ahead of writing full time, R J Gould led a national educational charity. He has published in a wide range of educational journals, national newspapers and magazines and is the co-author of a major work on educating able young people. He lives in Cambridge, England.

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 I hope you have enjoyed this book extract of The Bench by Cromer Beach.

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