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Five Things Friday [#4]

Happy Friday everyone. So how was your week? Here’s my Five Things Friday round-up ahead of the weekend. 


New on my TBR List

This week I ordered Dear Reader by Cathy Rentzenbrink. How lovely is this book cover by the way? This is now sat next to my reading chair to delve into this weekend, I can’t wait.

Dear Reader – My weekend TBR

Dear Reader is a moving, funny and joyous exploration of how books can change the course of your life, packed with recommendations from one reader to another.

For as long as she can remember, Cathy Rentzenbrink has lost and found herself in stories. Growing up she was rarely seen without her nose in a book and read in secret long after lights out. When tragedy struck, books kept her afloat. Eventually they lit the way to a new path, first as a bookseller and then as a writer. No matter what the future holds, reading will always help.


What I’ve been reading

This week I’ve devoured The Dog Sitter by Zara Stoneley. I’m on the blog tour next week (13th Feb) for this super dog friendly feel good read. So look out for my full book review next week.

The Dog Sitter - Book Cover

Wanted: someone nice, normal and trustworthy to housesit a beautiful cottage in the Lake District while the owner is away on a business trip. Must like dogs.

Wanting to escape from crap bosses and useless boyfriends, Becky jumps at the chance of the perfect escape – rest, relaxation and dog-sitting a very cute pooch called Bella!

But looking after Bella comes with a catch, namely gorgeous, brooding, Chris Hemsworth-worthy Ash James, who claims Bella is his dog and will stop at nothing to get her back!

Becky’s not about to hand over lovely Bella to any Tom, Dick or Ash.  She’s determined to watch every move Ash James makes…even if it gets her very hot under the collar.


What I’ve been Watching/Listening To

Listening to: Whilst walking my two dogs this week, I’ve been listening to Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast. I’m already a regular listener to Frank’s Saturday morning Absolute Radio show (or Podcast catch-up) and I’ve often heard him plug his Poetry Podcast.

So this week I downloaded and gave it a go as I’m a complete newbie to poetry. I really enjoyed listening to Frank break down one of his favourite poems and explain the meaning of it, in his opinion. Would highly recommend if you’ve not tried or struggle to get into poems.

Watching: I recently came across the Penguin Live events. The lovely people at Penguin UK have been organising Tuesday Lunchtime conversations (over zoom). This week Adrienne Herbert, author of The Power Hour was being interviewed. An interesting and informative live chat and it was such a nice way to spend my lunch break. There are two more FREE events taking place:


Photo Of The Week

I’ve gone a little cartoon crazy this week, with my own set of Miche Book Avatars. You’ll be seeing more of these pop up as a bit of fun around my blog and social sites. Here’s me in my study 🙂

Five Things Friday - Photo of the week Miche Avatar
Miche busy planning and scheduling her bookish reviews


What’s been happening at Touring Tales

Offline: So big news this week, MrTT’s full-time corporate life has come to an end, at last hurrah. After 35 years service in the UK’s largest building society it was time to hand in his pass and close the book on the busy corporate world.

In his first week of freedom MrTT has already re-decorated our study / reading room. It looks fabulous, and we now have a pretty back drop I can use for some of my bookish pics.

Online: February is all about developing my blog and raising the profile of and social channels. So this week I’ve spent some time getting organised and thinking about what else I could do to shape and grow my book blog.

I’m still trying to establish and grow an audience, find my book tribe. I’m constantly on the look out for book community opportunities and ways to meet bookish people (online for now obviously). Any suggestions are always welcome, so please do get in touch whether you’re an author, publisher, charity, I’d love to help and get involved this year.

Also, just incase you missed my posts this week:

Twitter: Have you found me on Twitter yet? I’d love you to Follow me on Twitter so that we can ‘Get Social’ and ‘Get chatting’ about all things books. Come and say hi and tell me what you’re reading.

Have a fabulous weekend. Happy reading.

Miche xxx

So how was your week? Share in the comments below

PS: If you’re new to Touring Tales then welcome. You can read more on my About Page. My book blog was launched in October 2020. I have lots planned for Touring Tales Books for 2021, so I hope you’ll follow along and say hi in the comments below.

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