Guest Post Ashley Amber

Guest Post: Author Ashley Amber

Today, I’m handing over the Touring Tales Book Blog to Ashley Amber, the author of The Flip Side of Sad, to tell us about her new novelette. Before I hand over to Ashley here’s a quick summary of the book, which is launching today.

Happy Publication Day Ashley

Book Cover Notes

James Letta is the world’s newest singing sensation. But for someone who always sings such happy music, he sure is sad. While on a promo tour for his new album, James has what he thinks is the hardest day of his career… until he has to relive it. A ghostly spirit decides to trap James inside his own album in order to make him learn the lessons of its lyrics, hoping she can help him get on the flip side of sad.

An Excerpt taken from the book can be found on Ashley’s website here

Guest Post Ashley Amber Author of The Flip Side of Sad

Thank you so much Ashley for joining us today, so tell us more about you and your book.

Ashley Amber

I’m so excited to share some insight into the creation of The Flip Side of Sad with everyone here at Touring Tales!

This story has been over 10 years in the making, an idea I had when I was 16. I loved the idea of a singer getting trapped inside their own album and took it a step further, with inspiration from A Christmas Carol, when a ghostly Spirit takes singer James Letta through his day and tries to teach him the lessons of his own lyrics.

I’ve been asked a few times if I have a favorite part of the book, but it’s a tough question to answer without giving away any spoilers. Instead, I like to share specific lines from the book that I’m particularly proud of.

One line I love is when James has a little back and forth with his sassy manager: “James took a deep breath, having to remind the devil on his shoulder that he wouldn’t be where he was without this man.”

Another blink-and-you-miss-it line I loved thinking up was: “James felt like his least favorite billionaire when he said, “So, you’re fired.””

A cool thing about writing this story was that I got to take on the role of songwriter as well. James’ song “No Complaints” becomes a major mantra for him in the story, so it was only fitting that I wrote the song and put it out there, sung by one of my incredible Street Team members!

Find Ashley on YouTube – Watch the Trailer for The Flip Side of Sad

That song can be found on my Youtube channel, which is where I like to lend my voice when I’m not writing. I’ve found a love for making videos about all things writer’s life and author journey and have been enjoying growing my Youtube channel.

As for next writing projects, I actually have a lot coming up and in the works. I’m currently seeking literary representation for an LGBTQ book series I’ve written, plus I have a bunch of LGBTQ+ themed works being published in numerous anthologies in the coming months.

I’ve also been asked a lot if there will be a sequel to The Flip Side of Sad… while I don’t have anything planned at the moment, I have dabbled in some ideas… so never say never!

About the Author

Author photo Ashley Amber
Author Photo – Ashley Amber

Ashley Amber grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and wrote her first picture book when she was 9 years old that she entered in a Reading Rainbow contest, earning a certificate from LeVar Burton.

Five years later, she rediscovered her love of writing at the age of 14. A+’s and AP English recommendations in school let Ashley know a career in writing was a possibility, but it wasn’t until she was well into her 20’s that she realised it was her destined career.

When Ashley isn’t writing, she’s on YouTube making videos as an Authortuber.

Ashley is an active philanthropist, best known for her work with Stand Up 2 Cancer. As part of their top fundraising team – Crush Kids Cancer – Ashley ran fundraising projects and attended the live Stand Up 2 Caner broadcast in Los Angeles in 2012. Ashley is also an advocate for voter registration, volunteering with HeadCount at several events since 2019. In 2020, Ashley participated in Jen Lilley’s Voices That Give competition, personally raising over $5,000 for Project Orphans.

Where to find Ashley online

Website | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Where to Buy

Amazon UK | Amazon US

Further Novelette info
  • Published Date: 30th March 2021
  • Page Count: 40

Thank you so much Ashley for sharing a guest post with us today. Good luck with your novelette The Flip Side of Sad and your future writing projects. Come back and visit us again soon and share more of your writing with us.

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