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So how was your Bank Holiday Weekend, good? We spent ours wandering around the Fully Charged Show LIVE. Dave has been following the Fully Charged You Tube Channel and Podcast for quite some time now. So over the weekend we packed our fold-up Brompton bikes into the van and found a campsite nearby. Each day we cycled to the event, which proved useful as we didn’t have to queue for the car park.

If you haven’t discovered the Fully Charged Show then keep reading. In this article I’ll introduce you to the show, who they are and what they do. I’ll also share a review of the show held over the May bank holiday weekend here in the UK.

About The Fully Charged Show

Fully Charged is the world’s number 1 clean energy & electric vehicle channel. Hosted by writer, broadcaster and actor Robert Llewellyn, Dan Caesar, Jack Scarlett, Helen Czerski, Chelsea Sexton and Andy Torbet.

The origins of Fully Charged asked the question, ‘is it possible for humans to no longer need to burn things to live, to work and to travel?

Fully Charged exists therefore to educate, encourage and explain to its viewers that a very high percentage of the energy that the global population demands can and should, come from ‘clean’ sources, like solar, wind and energy storage. In short, the team at Fully Charged would like the world to STOP BURNING STUFF. (And we completely agree).

Why Did We Go To The Fully Charged Show LIVE 2022?

Dave and I are fully aware of our impact on the planet and we’re on our own Green Journey. We’re constantly exploring new technologies and looking at innovative companies to help us reduce our impact on the planet.

Fully Charged Show LIVE - NON Plastic Beach stand
Non Plastic Beach Stand – We loved their bathroom and cleaning products

For example:

  • We have been vegetarians for a number of years. We made this decision firstly for our health. But we’ve also read about the shocking environmental impact meat production has on the planet.
  • Our home energy demands have been reduced by installing loft and cavity wall insulation
  • We’re switching to renewal energy. We have solar panels and battery storage being installed in May 2022. We already have these installed in our motorhome so we’re self-sufficient on the road. (Our motorhome is 3 years old so up to date on emissions and fuel efficiencies. We currently tour in the UK to keep our costs and ‘burning stuff’ impact low. We’re watching the motorhome industry with interest as they experiment with Electric Vehicles for Leisure. We’ll be onBoard with that too in the future.
  • We’re waiting for delivery of our first Electric car. Sadly demand for EVs has meant we’ve had to wait many months but we’re being promised it’s coming… May/June?
  • Around our home we’re using more planet friendly household products from cleaning products to dog poo bags. We’re making switches every week as we spot new climate friendly products.
  • Reducing what we buy to save money and unnecessary waste.
  • When we do buy stuff we look to support local businesses where possible.

But we know there is a lot more we can do. We’re not perfect, we’re on a journey and making changes on a weekly basis to do our bit.

That’s why we went to the Fully Charged Show LIVE. The show allows us to research what else we can do. What’s coming soon and learn from the experts. I hope this post inspires you to start your own green journey too.

Where was Fully Charged Show LIVE held in 2022?

The 2022 UK Fully Charged Show LIVE was held at Farnborough Air Field. Visitors were able to book and test drive some of the latest EV Cars, e-Scooters and e-Bikes. There were outside and inside stalls, and covered seating areas to listen to expert talks and presentations.

Fully Charged Show LIVE - Mega Theatre outside talks and presentations
Mega Theatre at Fully Charged LIVE

Sadly the air field wasn’t closed over the weekend. So during the day there were several jet planes taking off or landing. I think the Fully Charged Show LIVE would be better if it was held at say the Birmingham NEC.

What We liked About The Fully Charged Show

Here’s a round-up of what we thought about this years’ show:

  • Ability to talk to experts – as well as chatting to sales advisors on the trade stands we really enjoyed sitting down 1 to 1 with experts in the home energy area. They were really helpful in identifying further ways in which we could improve our home energy including smart radiator thermostats. I’d never heard of these. One of the home energy experts gave us a LIVE demo of how these work. We’re now adding these to our home energy changes in the near future.
  • Back to Back Talks – Throughout the day, on all three days, there were LIVE talks and presentations. The Fully Charged Show presenters interviewed a wide range of industry experts, CEO’s, engineers, manufacture reps, council’s and more. The sessions covered a wide range of topics from agriculture to e-planes, EV cars and micro mobility. Each session lasted 30 mins with an opportunity for a Q&A from the audience at the end of each session.
  • Professional and Competent Presenters. We both agreed that the fully charged show presenters were incredibly professional and did a fantastic job of controlling the LIVE sessions to give a balanced view of each topic as well as healthy debates and questions.
  • Large range of Electric Vehicle Cars (EVs). Several car manufacturers had an EV on display that you could sit in and explore up close. There were also several EVs available to test drive.
  • Prototypes and concept EVs – Nissan, Ora and Kia were showcasing new prototype cars that are soon to come to market. There were also some fun and innovative concept EVs
  • Other forms of EVs. We really enjoyed talking to business representatives for service and delivery companies. They appear to be making real progress to switching their vehicles to Electric. From small delivery vans and trucks to massive high tech lorries, buses and even refuse collection trucks. There was also an e-plane, yes it actually flies!
  • Micro Mobility Test Track. This was a popular area where visitors could ‘have a go’. There were e-bikes, e-Scooters, one-wheels and e-Skateboards to try out around a track. Dave had a go on a top of the range e-Scooter, which he enjoyed. Whilst I rode a Brompton fold-up bike, similar to mine, that had a battery conversion kit installed. The pack was light weight and provided plenty of speed and motion assistance. I think it’s great to have the option to convert an existing bike. Not everyone can afford to buy a new e-Bike. Conversion kits will hopefully allow more people to have an e-Bike.
  • Good range of plant based refreshments. It was refreshing to see food and drink stands with a focus on plant based, veggie and vegan foods.
Green Box Food Co. at the Fully Charged Show LIVE
Greenbox Food Co – Fully Charged Show LIVE
  • Top notch toilet facilities. There were plenty of facilities around the show area, which meant no queues for the ladies yay! Spotlessly clean and cleaning team were around all day.
  • Plenty for the Kids too. For families attending the show there was plenty to keep the kids busy. From drawing and painting areas to fun fair rides and test drives for kids.
Tesla Bear at Fully Charged Show LIVE 2022

So What’s Next For Fully Charged Show LIVE

I was excited to hear that the team are looking to include food and cooking to future shows. This is great news for vegetarians and vegans who want to share their knowledge and experiences. Reducing or eliminating meat has so many proven benefits for our health as well as reducing impacts on the planet. I look forward to seeing Robert Llewellyn on a cook-off at the next show 🙂

When Is The Next Fully Charged Show LIVE

The fully charged show team are running events throughout the year. They are champions of climate change and educating people on switching to renewable energy in their homes, work and travel. To find future events and where to buy your ticket go to the Fully Charged Show Events Page.

Who were The Presenters At Fully Charged Show LIVE 2022?

Joint CEO Fully Charged Show LIVE
Robert Llewellyn Photo: Fully Charged Show

Robert Llewellyn (Founder & Join CEO) – Robert Llewellyn is a British actor, presenter and writer. Famous for his thirty-year stretch as Kryten in the much-loved science fiction comedy, ‘Red Dwarf’. With his interest in engineering, Robert then turned his hand to presenting the long-running TV gameshow, ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ and also ‘How Do They Do It?’ and ‘Carpool’. In 2010, after being blown away by early Electric Cars, Robert launched Fully Charged, a YouTube channel focussing on the future of electric vehicles, of all shapes and sizes, and clean energy. 

Helen Czerski – is a physicist, oceanographer, writer and television presenter. She cares deeply about exploring the ideas and challenges in the physical world around us and her own research focuses on the physics of the ocean surface. She has lived and worked all over the world but is now based academically at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University College London.

Fully Charged Show Live presenter Helen Czerski
Helen Czerski – Photo: Fully Charged Show
Fully Charged Show LIVE presenter
Jack Scarlett – Photo: Fully Charged Show

Jack Scarlett – is a London-based presenter, writer, and expert in all things automotive. A lifelong car fanatic and recovering petrolhead, Jack is a fully converted EV evangelist these days and, prior to joining Fully Charged, spent two years launching and fronting a new EV media brand called Electroheads.

Dan Caesar – (Joint CEO) Clean Energy promoter since 2005, Electric Car driver since 2015, Dan has 25 years experience in digital, events and media.

Joint CEO of Fully Charged Show LIVE Dan Caesar
Dan Caesar – Photo: Fully Charged Show

Where To Find Fully Charged Show Online

Website | You Tube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Finally, I hope my latest Lifestyle Post has inspired you to start thinking about your own green energy journey. If you’ve no idea where to start then I’d highly recommend following the Fully Charged Show videos on You Tube. We can all do our bit to stop burning stuff at home, at work and when we travel.

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