Book Review: Moonlight Over Studland Bay

I’m delighted to be on the blog tour today for Moonlight over Studland Bay. Published this week by @DellaGalton @BoldwoodBooks

Cover Notes

Animal loving Samantha Jones is on a mission to ‘live the dream’.
When best friend Abby has a beautiful baby boy Sam’s priorities change and she realises she wants more from her life
Uninspired with her dull day job Sam plans to expand Purbeck Pooches, her seaside pet sitting business into a full-time career and embarks on a mission to find her perfect man.
Sam soon hits trouble. Her boss accuses her of moonlighting. The perfect man is frustratingly elusive and her parents make a shock revelation.
The odds are stacking up against her but Sam finds that sometimes when you reach for the moon, you get a handful of glittering stars thrown in for free.

Book Review Moonlight over Studland Bay
Book Blog Tour – Touring Tales 25th November 2020

My thoughts

I was initially drawn to this book by the pretty cover and the fact that the main character Sam, dreamed of one day running her dog walking business, Purbeck Pooches, full time.

Sam, had ‘watched her parents turn themselves inside out to please other people. She didn’t want to spend her life doing the same thing. People were fine in small doses, but her real passion was for animals.’

I really resonated with Sam throughout this book, I wanted to be her by the end. Sam’s story is set in The Isle of Purbeck, somewhere I’ve not visited. Throughout the book there were references to Old Harry Rocks and the South West Coast Path. The location sounded fabulous and the book left me wanting to visit with my own dogs.

As well as Sam, there were several great characters in this story. Firstly Abby, her loyal but potty-mouthed best friend (and housemate), who I really enjoyed. She had Sam’s back through thick and thin, even when her own world had recently been turned upside down.

Then there were Sam’s work colleagues. Rex her aloof Murray Mint boss. There was also Hypochondriac Heather, Mumbling Mike, Lightening Jake, Magpie James… you get the idea (your typical mixed-bunch office team).

Finally, and best of all there was Mr B. What can I say! Actually, he reminded me of my own rather eccentric uncle T. Abby described Mr B perfectly as the ‘Batshit, crazy pig owner’. A master creative chef who’s totally obsessed with his Kunekune pigs. Google them (I did) they’re adorable!  


A laugh out loud delightful read. I enjoyed following Sam’s heart-warming story as she struggles to realise a dream. Does she do it, you’ll have to read the book to find out.

This is the first Della Galton novel I’ve read and I would like to read more.

Beautifully written, here’s one of my favourite paragraphs:

‘A huge disc of a silvery moon had sailed high over Studland Bay, turning the sand to palest gold and the sea to indigo and casting a glittering moon path across the water. As each wave broke against the shore, phosphorescence had twinkled beneath it like silver sparkles. It was an enchantingly beautiful night.’

About the Author

Book Review Moonlight Over Studland Bay Author Photo

Della Galton is the author of 15 books, including Ice and a Slice.

She writes short stories, teaches writing groups and is Agony Aunt for Writers Forum Magazine.

She lives in Dorset. Della’s new fiction series launched with Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff in May 2020.

Where to find Della online

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Further Info:
  • Publish Date: 24th November 2020
  • Publisher: Boldwood Books
  • Page Count: 324 Pages
  • Story Based in: Studland Bay, Devon, UK

Where to buy

Amazon UK

Book Cover Moonlight over Studland Bay

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