8 Podcasts For Book Lovers

8 Great Podcasts For Book Lovers

Do you ever listen to podcasts? If so, have you explored some of the podcasts about books? In today’s blog post I share 8 of my favourite podcasts for book lovers. There are so many good quality programmes available to listen to online or to download and listen on the move. And best of all they’re FREE.

A great time to play podcasts is whilst travelling. Whether you’re driving, sat on a bus, a train or on a flight, simply download and play podcasts whilst on the move. I tend to plug in and play a podcast about books when I’m walking my dogs. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest episodes whilst the dogs explore and sniff about in the park. The programmes I tend to subscribe to and download include:

  • health and wellbeing advice
  • Travel and Motorhome life
  • Comedy shows
  • TED talks covering a wide range of topics
  • and of course podcasts all about books

The podcasts listed below are easy to listen to and include an interesting interview with a well known or new author. There are always lots of book recommendations that you can add to your To Be Read (TBR) list.

Here’s my list of Podcasts for Book Lovers

BBC Radio 2 Book Club

Hosted by Zoe Ball, these bitesize podcasts are perfect to dip into. Each episode Zoe chats to a local book club or librarian and also interviews an author about a new book release. You can find all the previous episodes on BBC Sounds website or App, if you enjoy Zoe’s podcasts then hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss future episodes.

You’re Booked

You’re Booked: The podcast for literary nosy parkers who would like the chance to snoop around their favourite authors’ bookshelves.

Great Podcasts For Book Lovers - You're Booked suggestion

Daisy Buchanan, is your Book Inspector, and on her show she asks her guests all about the first forbidden books they read under the covers. The beloved books they have borrowed, and never given back, and those impressive heavyweight hardbacks that make them look like intellectual giants – even though they couldn’t get beyond the first twenty pages. Daisy also talks to her guests about what makes readers into writers, how they became book lovers and their favourite reading memories, all with a dash of intelligence and a dollop of irreverence. 

I recently listened to: Author Kate Mosse being interviewed. I’m a big fan of Kate’s and always enjoy listening to her being interviewed.

Listen to the Podcasts here (don’t forget to subscribe using your preferred podcast app).

You can also follow You’re Booked on: Facebook | Twitter

The Penguin Podcast

Great Podcasts for Book Lovers - Penguin Podcast

The award-winning Penguin Podcast is a bi-weekly interview series which invites authors to explore their literary lives through some of the objects that have inspired their work. 

Conversations with some our of leading authors and creative thinkers, as we seek to understand how they write and where their ideas come from. Guests bring to the interview a handful of objects that have inspired their work.

I recently listened to: Bananarama one of my favourite 80’s pop girl bands were being interviewed.

Listen to the Podcasts here (or subscribe using your preferred podcast app)

Simon Mayo’s Books of The Year

Great Podcasts For Book Lovers - Simon Mayo Podcast

Simon Mayo and Matt Williams invite the world’s finest authors in for a chat. – Often lively and entertaining interviews with well known authors.

I recently listened to: Ian Rankin being interviewed about his new book release.

Listen to the Podcasts here (or subscribe using your preferred podcast app)

Book and Authors – Radio 4

Great Podcasts For Book Lovers - Book and Authors BBC radio 4

This podcast features Open Book and A Good Read. Open Book talks to authors about their work. In A Good Read Harriett Gilbert discusses favourite books. – Lots of interesting interviews and book reviews.

I recently listened to: Kate Mosse talking about books on TV, writing in prisons.

Listen to the Podcasts on the BBC site: (Or subscribe using your preferred podcast app)

World Book Club – BBC World Service

Great Podcasts For Book Lovers - BBC World Book Club

The world’s great authors discuss their best-known novel. – A good selection of authors talking about books from around the world. This is a great way to open up your reading and challenge your thinking.

I recently listened to: Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island which was very handy as I’d been gifted the book for Christmas.

Listen to the podcasts here (or subscribe using your preferred podcast app)

Damian Barr’s Literary Salon

Great Podcasts For Book Lovers - Literary Salon

The Salon is in its 13th year and has over 120 interviews with some of the world’s most engaging writers. Hear the world’s greatest writers telling new tales & revealing their own stories.

Listen to the podcasts here (or subscribe using your preferred podcast app)

Frank Skinner’s Poetry Podcast

Great Podcasts For Book Lovers - Frank Skinner Poetry

Frank Skinner loves poetry. And he thinks you might like it too. Join Frank each week as he takes you through some of his choice picks of poems. There may be laughter. There may be tears. There will certainly be poetry.

I was already a long standing listener & fan of Frank’s Saturday morning radio show. I’m now a fan of his poetry podcast too. As a newbie to poetry, frank breaks down his favourite poems and provides his thoughts and opinions on what they might mean.

Listen to the podcast here (or subscribe using your preferred podcast app)

Also worth a mention…

On The road with Penguin Classics – I came across this podcast whilst writing this post, it looks like a new podcast for 2021 so might be worth a listen. – The podcast that takes a stroll around the world’s favourite books. In each episode, author and editor Henry Eliot travels to a different literary location to explore a brilliant book in the company of remarkable readers.

Do you have a favourite book related podcast that I’ve not listed? I’m sure there are others I’ve not come across yet so please feed my podcast addiction by sharing your favourites in the comments below.

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