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Handy Road Trip Travel Apps

It’s always exciting planning out a motorhome or camper van road trip. However, it’s also quite fun to randomly explore whilst on the road. Some of our best moments in our van have been on impulse, where we’ve spotted a sign to something interesting. We always make sure we have the latest handy road trip travel apps downloaded onto our phones ready to explore. Check out these great road trip travel apps before setting off on your next adventure.


FREE Android and iOS app: Easy to use road trip travel app providing UK wide on-street and off-street parking, tariffs and restrictions. Including Disabled, Electric, Motorcycle bays. Find out more from


This is a really handy road trip travel app for planning a road trip as well as short notice stopovers whilst already on the road. The app covers 58 countries and over 35,000 motorhome sites. The great thing about this app is that it’s actively updated every month. It’s not free but for under a fiver it’s well worth investing in if you’re serious about touring in your motorhome. As well as parking you can find places to empty your waste water, toilet cassette and refill with fresh water. Find out more from


If you’re already a member of the Camping & Motorhome club then make sure you download their FREE CAMC Travel App. The app allows you to search the CAMC network of Club Sites, Affiliated Sites and CLs (Certificated Locations) across the UK. Yo can also check your existing bookings and lots more. Find out more at CAMC


CoPilotGPS is a popular option with motorhome and caravan owners. With the caravan/motorhome specific road trip travel app there are lots of useful features to help navigate larger vans around unknown roads safely. Once you input the dimensions of your van CoPilot helps you avoid small lanes, narrow streets and low bridges. It also has an offline map feature so no burning through your devices data when on the road. With Active Traffic and maps covering 150 countries this app has you covered. There’s a 14 FREE trial offer for this handy road trip travel app, if you need more then it’s £25 for 12 months. Find out more at CoPilotGPS

Thetford Forest - Road Trip Travel Apps blog post Touring Tales
Lexi Van Wild Camping in Thetford Forest UK


FREE: This is our go-to travel app when planning our next road trip. It is so easy to use and provides plenty of research options when planning a road trip. We use Google Maps to check for approx. travel times between planned stops, also any road / traffic accidents before we set off that we need to know about. I also like to search around the area for any interesting places to visit. Google does have it’s quirks mind you, we’ve learnt the hard way not to rely on Google for the most suitable routes, so always do your research to ensure Goggle Maps doesn’t take you down a tiny country lane! Find out more at Google Maps (I’ve just discovered a Google Maps blog here too).

Google Translate App to convert languages

FREE: If you’re going on a road trip to another country then make sure you have the Google Translate App on your phone. Simply open the app and hold it up to a sign, menu, paper etc. and Google Translate will translate the words into your chosen language! This is a really handy road trip travel app when heading abroad in your van.


FREE: If you’re away for some time then there’s a good chance you’ll need to top up your LPG Gas. This is the largest live database of 46.000+ LPG stations across Europe, which is regularly updated by portal visitors and fuel companies themselves. Find out more at


FREE + Paid versions Available: One of our ‘go to’ apps on the road. It suggests spots where you can park up for free overnight in the van. What we love is that anyone can add places they’ve found, along with photos and comments, and share their finds with the community. We always check this app for feedback before deciding whether to camp overnight. It has wild camping, camp sites, aires and even car parks. Find out more at Park4Night

Need a map? Download the Ordnance Survey Phone App Now.


FREE: Parkopedia is a great service for finding car parking locations throughout the UK. A great feature is the ability to find out prices, opening times and if there are any height restrictions in place.


FREE: A really handy road trip travel app and website that lists over 32,000 campsites, aires and motorhome stopovers across the UK and Western Europe. Another one of our ‘go to’ apps on the road. Find out more

Also worth a mention…


CampingCard ACSI is a campsite guide including a discount card, which allows you to camp at up to 60% less than normal rates in the early and late low season. As yet we haven’t tried this out but we’re planning on getting an ASCI card next year when we start venturing across Europe in our Motorhome. Their website states that you’ll always pay less than the lowest rate that the campsite normally charges in the low season. The CampingCard ACSI guide, the special CampingCard ACSI travel app and the website offer an overview of all participating campsites. Your CampingCard ACSI is valid for one calendar year. Find out more at ASCI


Find and download audio books, listen to them on your road trip, then return them when you’re done! Awesome and great for relieving boredom on a long drive. There’s also Audible Original Podcasts such as the new Graham Norton Book Club Podcast. Amazon PRIME members also receive 2 FREE books with the trial offer. Grab this fabulous Audible Trial Offer Now

France Passion

Fantastic scheme that allows you to stay with French farmers, wine produces, cheese makers and so on, on their land and free of charge. Costing €30 there’s now a travel app to support this scheme. We shall definitely be trying this out next year when we hit Europe in Lexi Van. Find out more at France Passion

Kindle Unlimited

Being a Travel & Book Blog we couldn’t have a travel app list without including one for book worms. If you don’t have a Kindle device you can still enjoy eBooks on the go using the FREE Kindle App and either buy & download individual eBooks or join Kindle Unlimited for access to tons of books, magazines, audiobooks and more.


Before we travel in our motorhome we always check out the latest movies and TV series on PRIME and download something to watch on our iPads whilst away (you can also download onto your android tablet or phone). Find out more about PRIME video

Motorhome Services GB

Listing all motorway services within the UK Motorway Road network. At £2.99 the travel app provides up to date information on services available at each stop, hotels where applicable on site and which retailers are available. Zoom in to check the number of motorhome spaces via satellite mode, and plan your journey and stops in advance. Find out more


We’re big fans of Spotify and share a family membership for even better value (and no annoying ads yay!). This handy road trip travel app lets you download music to your phone to listen to on the road. We love discovering new artists using the recommended playlists. Find out more at Spotify


This is such a great travel app to have on your phone. The clever people at what3words have divided the world into 3m squares and given each square a unique combination of three words. what3words addresses are easy to say and share, and as accurate as GPS coordinates. Use it to find other motorhomers you are meeting, share with photos for walks, runs or to alert emergency services to your whereabouts. Find out more at What3EWords

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Have we missed one of your favourite handy road trip travel apps? If so, we’d love you to share it in the comments below so we can check it out too and share with others on this post.

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