• Motorhome Upgrades – Batteries

    Motorhome Upgrade Batteries

    In today's post Dave provides an overview of how motorhome / van batteries work and suggestions for those thinking of upgrading, which is what we did.

  • Motorhome Upgrades – Understanding Electrics

    Motorhome upgrades understanding electrics

    We've had a Motorhome for a couple of years now and have learnt ALOT during this time. Over the winter we'll be sharing some of our Travel Tips and Van Upgrade Suggestions. Starting with today's post, Motorhome Upgrade - Understanding Electrics.

  • How To Install A Fridge Fan Kit In A Van

    Thetford Fridge cooling ventilator kit

    Here's a step by step guide to installing a cooling/ventilator fan to a Thetford or Domestic van fridge. This upgrade helps keep your fridge contents cooler with less energy consumption.