Who’s your reading Buddy?

Do you have a reading buddy? A best friend who loves nothing more than snuggling up with you whilst you read? I do, I have two spaniels (and my better half Mr T). Looking around on #Bookstagram I can see there are lots of book addicts reading with a book buddy (mostly with four paws). 🙂

So who do I read with?

I’m ‘owned’ by two Working Cocker Spaniels, Poppy and Coco.

Touring Tales Reading Buddies - two working cocker spaniels
Coco (1) & Poppy (5)

This year has been a tough year for everyone. I don’t know about you, but I have read more books than ever this year. For me, reading has been a welcome break from the news, the worries and the stress of the 2020 pandemic. A little escape from the crazy world whenever I needed it.

My reading corner is my sanctuary and somewhere I crave to be as much as possible. Also, I can’t fall asleep without reading at least one chapter of a book. Reading at bedtime is something I have done my whole life.

Snuggled up in my reading chair or bed with my dogs is definitely my happy place. I was thinking about this earlier today and thought I’d share why I love reading with my dogs.

They keep me warm (whether I want it or not!)

As soon as my backside settles in my reading chair there’s a scrabble of feet as two spaniels charge towards me, racing for the prime reading spot. Spaniel belly’s are a great alternative to a hot water bottle. Great in the winter but hell in the summer (or during a menopause heat wave)!

They experience the book with me

I love how my dogs react when I read:

  • When I laugh out loud – I hear thump, thump , thump as two spaniel tails hit the side of the chair
  • If I take a sharp breath (that plot twist moment) – I see two spaniels sit up straight, heads tilted staring at me. ‘Is she ok?’, ‘I don’t know let’s keep an eye on her.’
  • When I get something in my eye (ok maybe a little tear or two), Coco jumps up and licks my face clean and won’t stop until the tears stop.
They aren’t quick to judge

My dogs don’t care that I wear nerdy reading glasses. They aren’t bothered about what I wear, PJ’s it is then. They don’t judge me if I’ve had a hard day and been a little grumpy. They simply snuggle up when it’s book time and gaze at me with those gorgeous eyes as they drift off to sleep. I am their world and they remind me of that every single day.

They are good for our health

Reading with dogs is good for our health. I know with my own dogs that I feel calmer, my busy head slows down and I begin to relax and unwind. With my ‘girls’ wedged against my sides and my head in my book, I’ve left the real world behind for a while.

So what about you?

Do you have a reading buddy? Either Hooman or with Four Paws? Maybe you’re in a reading club or prefer to read alone at the end of a noisy day. Whatever you do, make sure you prioritise YOU and YOUR reading time during December’s busy festive season. Happy reading.

Oh and I hope Santa brings you a stack of books to kick start 2021.

Miche xxx

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