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Book Review: Power Hour

Today’s book review is Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert. From the popular podcast Power Hour comes a book about making the most of the first hour of your day, to pursue your passion and achieve success.

Book Cover Notes

How many times have you said, ‘I’d love to do that, but I don’t have time’? The Power Hour message is simple: we all have an hour to dedicate to building the life we want, whether we think we do or not.

Power Hour will show you how to harness the first hour of your day in order to achieve your goals – whether those are writing a book, running a marathon or starting a business – before the rest of the world wakes up and starts competing for your attention. From the importance of developing a growth mindset to creating powerful habits and the significance of daily movement, it will help you reclaim your time and unlock your full potential. Most importantly, it will make you realise that it is always possible to make a change and create a life you love.

Stop waiting for the right time, or for more time. Start with just one hour today.

Book review - Power Hour by Adrienne Herbert

My Thoughts

I was attracted to this book as I’ve been feeling a little lost lately and in need of some motivation for 2021. The Power Hour sounded like something I could use to help get my butt out of bed and focus on new goals.

Adrienne’s introduction to the book was interesting, she shared her own challenges and setbacks and the reasons why she decided to write this book.

Some of the information wasn’t new to me but it was useful to be reminded of them. Such as the benefits of having a growth mindset over a fixed mindset. Creating habits, however small and build them into your daily life. I now have a kettle bell in the kitchen to use every time I’m making a brew. MrTT has joined in on this one too 🙂

Half way through the book, it felt it had gone off topic slightly. There was alot of information about health, nutrition, diet and sleep. All good stuff, but it wasn’t clear how this all related to a daily Power Hour habit.

However, the last couple of chapters were much more focussed and useful. The Power of Purpose and Creating Your Own Power Hour got down to business and provided me with the detail I was looking for. Plenty of thought provoking questions and actions to takeaway and work on, as well as some motivational quotes to help get started.

My Takeaways from Adrienne

  • The Power Hour is a mindset, it’s about empowering yourself to make a choice and take action. It’s a way for you to focus on your goals and create a life that you love.
  • We all have the potential to become truly extraordinary at pretty much anything given the right environment and enough time of deliberate practice.
  • We’ve all got the same number of hours in a day, it’s up to us how we choose to use them.


A good debut from Adrienne Herbert. This book would be most useful to anyone looking for simple ways to focus, stay motivated and be inspired to make 2021 their best year yet.

I haven’t listened to the Power Hour Podcasts, so I’ve downloaded all previous episodes and hit the subscribe button. I shall listen and learn from Adrienne and her guests whilst walking my dogs. A good example of using my Power Hour more productively, I hope Adrienne approves 😉

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Book Review Power Hour Adrienne Herbert

About The Author

Adrienne Herbert Author Photo - Power Hour
Adrienne Herbert – Author

As well as hosting the weekly Power Hour podcast, Adrienne Herbert is a leading wellness professional. TEDx speaker and a voice of inspiration, encouragement and motivation. Adrienne delivers talks and workshops to some of the world’s largest organisations. She regularly hosts live events and panel discussions. She has partnered with brands such as Adidas, Origins, Virgin Sport, Google and Apple and has been featured in ELLE magazine and the Telegraph, as well as being named a ‘New Face of Wellness’ by British VOGUE.

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Further Book Info
  • Published Date: 31st December 2020
  • Publisher: Hutchinson
  • Page Count: 320

Huge thanks to @Netgalley and Hutchinson/Penguin for my digital copy of the book for my honest review.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my book review. Have you read this book? What did you think, share your thoughts below.

Miche xxx

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