Useful Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers

Useful Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers

Are you looking for useful travel gifts for friends and family? We know how hard it can be to choose the right gift. Ultimately, those who love to travel will always appreciate small, light weight practical travel gifts to pack for their next trip.

As a regular traveller over the past 30 years (yikes! where did the time go), I have a pretty good idea of what’s useful to take and what’s not when going on a trip. So I’ve created a shopping guide to help choose gifts for people who love to travel.

I’ve divided this travel shopping guide down into different sections with everything from essential tech gadgets for travellers to practical and comfy travel gift ideas. Within each section I’ve tried to cover a range of products from low cost to luxury gifts, so there’s something for every budget.

Essential Tech On The Go

For Book Lovers who can’t go anywhere without a book. This is my no.1 Tech Travel item – after my phone obvs 🙂

Kindle Paperwhite – 8GB to store thousands of titles and an amazing 10 weeks of battery life, perfect for those travelling to remote places.

Portable Bluetooth Travel Speaker – We always take a Travel Speaker whenever we go away.

We love this travel speaker, which comes in different colours (check out the blush speaker girls).

Bluetooth, Surround Sound, Stereo Bass and the best bit it’s waterproof. This little speaker is perfect for playing your tunes in the shower, on the beach or by the pool. Pretty amazing and a great travel gift for friends.

Power Bank / Portable Charger – Must have gadget for travellers.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 power bank, Micro USB cable, travel pouch.

Essential Tech gadget for travellers. Re-charge phones and other devices whilst on the move. Don’t leave home without this in your rucksack or travel bag.

Portable Coffee Maker – Mini Travel Coffee Machine

A simple, sturdy and brilliant pressure brewer with insulated Travel Mug.

Perfect travel gift for coffee lovers who crave a fresh brewed coffee on the go.

Pro LED Head Torch – We find this really useful when camping. Great headlamp for hands free evening dog walks.

Waterproof, rechargeable with up to 10 hours runtime more than enough for night hikes, walking back from the pub 🙂 Often not considered as a travel gadget but this is such a useful travel gift for campers, backpackers, student gap year trips. Motorhome and camper van owners will love this when wild camping and on campsites.

Bluetooth Eye Mask – For those who need music or sounds to fall asleep

My stepson can’t fall asleep without background noise, whether music or relaxing sounds. So this is a really useful travel gift for those that need sound to sleep.

Integrated battery, charged via USB cable. Adjustable speaker position for added comfort. Soft fabric which is easy to clean. Comes with 1 Micro USB charging cable,1 audio cable and a useful travel carrying bag.

Show Off Your Holiday Photos

Get Organised Travel Gift ideas

Travel Cable Organiser – No more tangled cables. Keeps Tech Gadget Cables organised and easy to grab and use on the go.

Waterproof and small enough to fit in a rucksack or travel bag. This is such a useful travel gift idea.

Travel Jewellery Roll – For those that like to take their favourite jewellery when they travel.

Very handy soft velvet jewellery travel holder. Simply roll and go.

Travel Packing Cubes – Travel packing pouches / bags.

Another amazing travel organiser gift idea. We use Travel packing cubes all whenever we go away. They’re also a great way to stay organised on our motorhome trips.

To save time I organise my travel pouches by outfit so I can quickly pull out and put on each day. You can buy multiple sets and build up a collection if you’re travelling for longer. They fit neatly in your travel bag or suitcase too.

Need inspiration for a staycation break? The Great British Adventure Map is a really useful travel gift.

Our friends gifted us one of these maps and we’ve found it to be a really useful travel gift. We’ve had some fun and interesting days out using our map.

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Great British History Map | Great British Food & Drink Map

Great British Wildlife & Environment Map

AA Big Road Atlas Britain  – Essential item for Motorhome and camper vans drivers.

We’ve learnt the hard way NOT to trust SatNavs or Google on road trips around the UK. We ALWAYS take our paper road atlas on our road trips to check routes and re-route options when on the go if we need to.

Personalised Maps

Get Comfy on Trips Away

Travel Neck Pillow – No more rolling head and neck strain

If you like to nod off whilst travelling then this travel neck pillow is perfect. Supports the head whilst sleeping sat upright. Great for travelling on a plane, train, bus, car of motorhome / camper van. We think this is a really useful travel gift for family and friends who love to travel.

Travel Pillow – Orthopedic Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow

Easy to carry around for all kinds of trips such as camping, fishing, backpacking , hiking, beach and festivals. 

We Love that its compressible and self-inflatable, easily fits inside its small travel bag and inflates to its full shape once taken out of the bag (in a matter of seconds). Brilliant.

I couldn’t share a useful travel gift list without adding a Buff right!

This ultimate practical and stylish travel wear. A Buff tubular scarf is stretchable, lightweight and easy to clean. Buffs have so many uses including:

  • Neck scarf to keep warm
  • Cool aid – soak in cold water, rinse and use in hot weather
  • Bandana – there are many ways to use as head wear
  • Wrist sweat band

I wear my Buff wrapped around my wrist ready to use on my travels. It’s great as a head band to keep hair under control on a windy day or to keep the sun off your head. Buffs come in lots of different colours and patterns, don’t go for cheap alternatives, trust me they don’t last. A genuine Buff will last for years.

Practical Kit for Travel Lovers

Microfibre Travel Towel – Available in various sizes and colours

These are so handy to travel with. Great on the beach, by the pool and for camping trips. The fast drying and super absorbant material makes this perfect for camper van and motorhome owners too. No wet towels hanging up in the van taking ages to dry.

We love the handy travel pouch too with this particular microfibre travel towel.

Who doesn’t love a useful travel gift that’s personalised? This enamel travel mug can be ordered and personalised with your friend or family members name.

Very thoughtful and useful travel gift. Enamel mugs make for strong, durable travel companions on camping trips, festivals, road trips and gap year holidays.

The clever people at Circular and Co have come up with the ultimate reusable travel coffee cup with lid.

Circular Cups are made from recycled paper single-use cups that would otherwise end up in landfill. Brilliant.

100% leakproof, Insulated to keep coffee, tea and other drinks warm or cold for 60-90 minutes. BPA & melamine free.

Available in several colours. What a great eco-friendly travel product.

Personalised Laser Engraved Wooden Luggage Tag with Leather Strap

This beautiful unique handmade luggage tag is an ideal gift to wish your friends and loved ones well on their journeys, or just as a gift to mark a special holiday or trip.

made from sustainably sourced Alder Wood, you can choose up to 3 lines of text which will be professionally laser etched on to back of the wooden tag. Why not share a personal message or inspiring travel quote for a thoughtful and unique gift.

Shampoo Bar – Eco Warrior travel shampoo bar

Essential Oils Natural Vegan friendly shampoo bar with a gorgeous ginger and orange scent.

Handy travel size, solid shampoo bar. No heavy bottles to carry when travelling. 

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I hope you’ve found my list of useful travel gifts helpful. These are all products we use and love when travelling in our motorhome. Treat yourself or your travel loving friends and family to some of these great travel gift ideas.

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